Our organization's commitment to the continuity of care inspired the founding of ECTC. Exceptional Care & Training Center (ECTC) was established in December 1979 to be an alternative placement for those individuals who "age-out" of other skilled pediatric facilities when they turn 18 years of age. While some of our residents have come from home, most of our residents come from other facilities (CILAs, group homes, ICF/DD's, state operated facilities, pediatric homes, etc.) that are no longer able to meet the resident's changing needs to due age or complex medical care. 

When we first opened our doors, we served both children and adults. In 1991, in response to the national trend of increased longevity among persons with severe/profound intellectual disabilities, ECTC changed its admitting age to 18 to focus primarily on adults. Since our original program served persons of all ages, an on-site educational program was established to meet our residents' needs. Our focus on day training was instituted in 1991. In 1994 when the last resident turned 18, the school was disbanded but the day training program continued. However, through the years it became increasingly difficult to find alternative placement for those individuals who "age-out" of skilled pediatric facilities when they turn 21 years of age, so a waiver was granted and our residents are now allowed to remain living in our facility no matter the age.
ECTC is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a Medically Complex facility for Developmentally Disabled (MCDD). MCDDs serve people with severe and complex medical needs which are complicated by underlying developmental challenges. These individuals cannot have their medical and social needs met by traditional ICF/DDs or SNFS, thus the evolution of the MCDDs. Our surveyors have noted that ECTC provides high quality services in a loving atmosphere to each of our residents. 

We subscribe to the philosophy that every person is unique and has the right to develop to his/her greatest potential. Our active treatment is dedicated to increasing independent skills, developing decision making skills and encouraging choices. The health and safety of our residents is assured by three decades of stability and trust.