Quiet Hours

8 p.m. to 8 a.m. ~ Quiet Hours

Designated periods of time dedicated to promoting resident rest, relaxation and sleep.

To support our residents' health, Exceptional Care & Training Center has established Quiet Hours in all of our residential areas. We are making every effort to reduce unnecessary noise and to provide resources to support rest, relaxation and sleep.

During Quiet Hours - staff will:

  • Coordinate care to reduce unnecessary entry into bedrooms during quiet hours. Do everything we can to limit disruption of sleep when admissions or room changes must occur during quiet hours.

  • Keep voices down.  Refrain from unnecessary hallway/nurses' station discussion.  Save personal conversations for break rooms or non-resident care areas

  • Dim lights and close bedroom doors when medically appropriate. Use the smallest amount of light necessary to safely care for our residents at the bedside. Use flashlights to limit putting room lights on whenever possible at night.

  • Close doors when there is noise that can not be avoided - such as floor cleaning

  • Eliminate non-emergency overhead paging

  • Offer residents headphones, ear buds, earplugs, sleep masks and/or white noise to help reduce distracting noises

    What can residents and/or their families do to help?

  • Be respectful to roommates by limiting TV/radio use during Quiet Hours or using headphones or ear buds when watching TV or other multimedia devices.

  • Keep electronic devices on low ringer or vibrate mode.

  • Talk quietly in person and on the phone.

  • Spend time during "visits” in the Family/Visitor lounge. If you are unable to go to the lounge please be respectful of your roommate.

  • Ask your visitors to limit cell phone calls in your room. Family/Visitor lounge and the break room are available for cell phone use.

    Thank you for helping to create a quiet and peaceful experience for all.